About Us

Our Story

Traditional Wisdom, Modern Science for Holistic Wellness

Our Founder, Dr. Vikram Naik, a physician and a visionary started Avacare Global – the Parent pharmaceutical company in 1997 in shores of Cape Town, South Africa. As a physician he was always focused on providing the best, holistic healthcare services to his patients.

His quest to deliver a Holistic lifestyle inclusive of a big focus on Wellness, inspired him to start Avalife, a division focused solely on natural and complimentary medicine, with a promise to deliver the wellness solution to his patients. His focus and commitment to sustainability, transparency in sourcing of herbs and the greater goodness for the farming community inspired him to start AvaGro, a company focused on sustainable Agriculture farming practices.

Avalife is a dietary supplement company focused on Holistic solution.
We combine the traditional wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and validate it with modern research, scientific studies to formulate best in class products that delivers proven results to you and your family.

Avalife herbs are nurtured, grown, cultivated using environmentally friendly initiatives, while preserving natural resources. We thrive around sustainable practices by integrating our earth friendly vision with Avagro, an agricultural solutions provider that uses tailor-made solutions to cultivate and produce a large range of crops and herbs.