Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

The information that we collect on our website ( is mainly for shipping purpose, customer support. Any data collected by us on our website is not shared with any third-party company or website. Your data remains safe with us on our server.

Reason we ask for your below information:

  • Location Information: This information helps us in providing exact information like shipping cost and delivery time.
  • Contacts Information: The information that we collect from you is basically for our own purpose of contacting you in terms of payment query, delivery options and to send you any kind of promotion offer or when any of our products whose status is Out Of Stock and later when we have new stock available than we can intimate you with the same.
  • Payment Information: For making payment through is secure because we are using one of the safest payment gateway in the world i.e. Paypal. So whatever bank or card details that you add will be added on Payment Gateway website and not with Avalife USA, so we won’t have any access to your bank or card details.
  • Call and SMS Data: Our app/website facilitates communication between Users and Customer Support. In connection with this service, we receive call data, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties’ phone numbers, and the content of the SMS message and sending OTP(s).